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Standard Chartered Shilingi Funds Emerges Winner




Mr Mauro Scarpa. on the right with colleques drawn from the Singapore office
Mr Mauro Scarpa. on the right with colleques drawn from the Singapore office

Mauro Scarpa, a  Senior Product Engineer Manager at Singapore’s Standard Chartered Bank  · declared winner  of the Standard Chartered Recognition Award 2023 in the category of Never Settle category 

 He answers 10 Questions regarding the victory and how he got involved in the project 

  1. When was the Standard Chartered Recognition Award initially launched and for what purpose? And how often does the competition take place?

Mauro: The Standard Chartered Recognition Award was launched a few years back but I  can’t say exactly when. It takes place annually.

      2. How many geographical jurisdictions participate in the competition?

Mauro: It is worldwide.

      3. Please outline the number of Categories involved in the competition.

Mauro: Never Settle, Better Together, Do the right thing, Leadership.

      4. Who are the judges and who appoints them?

Mauro: Judges are: Bill Winters, Jose’s Vinals, and extra judges that can change.

      5. You won in the #neverSettle category with the launch of the  Standard Chartered Shilingi Funds for the #Kenya market. What was your                             involvement in the project? In other words, what is it that you did – either as a team or individually that led to your win? And does the award                   have any monetary reward for you or is it simply symbolic?

Mauro: I was driving the project from a technology standpoint as the delivery head. The reward is only symbolic and gives you access to 6                       months of coaching too.

      6. Who came up with the idea of launching the Fund in Kenya and why settle for this East African State?

  The Kenya Wealth team – SC Shilling funds target the mass market segment – the next emerging affluent and affluent customer. By                              launching an end-to-end solution, it ensured we enabled more people to make informed financial decisions that lead to a better standard of                    living and  economic future of the country.

       7. And why did the Shilingi Funds for the #Kenya market stand out? What sort of impact has the Fund had so far and is it likely to be replicated in              other markets? 

Mauro: This product helps us drive financial inclusion by empowering our people and communities with financial choices through access to                 simple, seamless, and easily accessible investment products. Yes -eventually we will replicate it in other markets.

        8. In the #neverSettle category you stated you were selected from a pool of over 1100 nominations. Which geographies were they drawn from?

 Mauro: worldwide.

        9. Where was the ceremony held and what is so significant about the venue?

Mauro: It was held in the Singapore headquarter, Marina Bay Financial Centre

       10. Standard Chartered Bank’s CEO Bill Winters & Chairman Jose Vinals were in attendance giving the ceremony weighty awe.On the night that

             you won the award did either of them tell something that indelibly stuck in your mind?

Mauro: Jose’ said something very important to me: he basically highlighted that we represent the best employees in the bank and SSCB is lucky to have us in the organization.

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