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Oscar Sudi: The Rise of an Influential Figure in President Ruto’s Administration

His tendency to make inflammatory and controversial remarks could alienate specific voter segments.



Oscar Sudi
Oscar Sudi

Kenyan politician Oscar Sudi has rapidly ascended to a position of significant influence within President William Ruto’s administration. His journey from a relatively obscure political figure to a critical player in the current government is noteworthy. This analysis examines how Sudi achieved this status and assesses whether he is a liability or an asset to President Ruto.

Political Background and Rise to Prominence

Born in 1980 in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, Oscar Sudi entered politics after establishing himself in the business world. He was first elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Kapseret Constituency in 2013 under the United Republican Party (URP), a party co-founded by William Ruto. Sudi quickly became known for his outspoken nature and loyalty to Ruto, which was crucial to his political rise.

Critical Factors in Sudi’s Ascendancy

Loyalty to William Ruto:

Sudi’s unwavering support for Ruto, especially during challenging political periods, has solidified his position as a trusted ally. His loyalty was particularly evident during Ruto’s fallout with former President Uhuru Kenyatta and throughout the 2022 election campaign.

Grassroots Mobilization:

Sudi has a strong connection with his constituents and is effective in grassroots mobilisation. His ability to rally support in the Rift Valley region, a key stronghold for Ruto, has been instrumental in his political career.

Outspoken Advocacy:

Known for his blunt and direct communication style, Sudi has not shied away from controversial statements and staunch defences of Ruto’s policies. This outspokenness has attracted media attention and solidified his reputation as a fearless advocate for the administration.

Strategic Alliances:

Sudi has adeptly navigated the political landscape, forming strategic alliances within the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and beyond. His networking skills have ensured his continued relevance and influence within the party.

Liability or Asset?


Loyalty and Trustworthiness:

Sudi’s steadfast loyalty makes him a reliable ally for President Ruto, someone who can be counted on to support and defend the administration’s agenda unwaveringly.

Effective Mobilization:

His strong grassroots connections and mobilisation capabilities enhance Ruto’s political base, particularly in the Rift Valley. This support is crucial for maintaining the administration’s influence and stability.

Political Acumen:

Sudi’s strategic mind and understanding of political dynamics enable him to navigate complex situations and provide valuable insights to the administration.


Controversial Statements:

Sudi’s tendency to make inflammatory and controversial remarks can sometimes backfire, attracting negative media attention and potentially alienating specific voter segments.

Legal and Ethical Issues:

Charges of forgery and corruption are just two of the legal issues Sudi has encountered. Political rivals may exploit these problems to damage the administration’s reputation and question Ruto’s wisdom in keeping tight relations with him.

Polarising Figure:

His outspoken nature and aggressive political style can polarise opinions, hindering the broader coalition-building efforts necessary for the administration’s long-term success.


Oscar Sudi’s rise to prominence in President William Ruto’s administration resulted from his loyalty, grassroots mobilisation skills, and strategic alliances. While he brings significant assets to Ruto’s political camp, including steadfast support and effective advocacy, his controversial statements and legal issues pose potential liabilities. Balancing these aspects will be crucial for Ruto as he navigates the complexities of Kenyan politics with Sudi as a prominent ally.

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