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The Bahati’s Empire: Show’s Focus on Opulence Misrepresents the Average Kenyan Lifestyle and Creates Unrealistic Aspirations

Critics suggest that a more balanced portrayal, including diverse socio-economic backgrounds and cultural experiences, would have provided a more comprehensive representation of Kenyan life.



The Bahati's Empire
Karen Nyamu, Diana B, DP Rigathi Gachagua, Bahati Jalang'o


“The Bahati’s Empire,” the first Kenyan reality show to grace Netflix, marks a significant milestone in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Featuring the life of the popular gospel musician Bahati and his family, this reality show aims to provide viewers with an intimate look into their personal and professional lives. While its premiere on a global platform like Netflix is a notable achievement, the show invites a spectrum of critiques regarding its content, representation, and impact on both local and international audiences.

 “The Bahati’s Empire” aligns with international standards through its commendable production quality. The cinematography, editing, and sound design create a polished viewing experience.

Representation and Authenticity

“The Bahati’s Empire” claims to offer an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of its protagonists. However, the authenticity of such a portrayal is often questioned. Reality shows, by their nature, walk a fine line between reality and scripted drama. Critics argue that the show sometimes falls into the trap of dramatizing mundane events to maintain viewer interest, thus compromising the genuine depiction of the Bahati family’s daily life.

Additionally, the show’s focus on opulence and material success can be seen as a misrepresentation of the average Kenyan lifestyle. While it is crucial to showcase success stories, the overemphasis on wealth and luxury might create unrealistic aspirations among viewers, particularly the youth who idolize Bahati.

Cultural Impact

Being the first Kenyan reality show on Netflix, “The Bahati’s Empire” carries the weight of representing Kenyan culture on a global stage. This responsibility comes with the expectation of portraying diverse and rich cultural narratives authentically. However, the show’s narrow focus on a single family’s glamorous lifestyle risks overlooking the multifaceted nature of Kenyan society. Critics argue that a more balanced portrayal, incorporating different socio-economic backgrounds and cultural experiences, would have offered a more comprehensive representation of Kenyan life.

Influence on the Kenyan Entertainment Industry

The success of “The Bahati’s Empire” on Netflix undoubtedly opens doors for other Kenyan productions to enter the global market. It sets a precedent and raises the bar for quality and storytelling in local productions. However, there is a concern that the show’s format and content may encourage a surge in similar reality shows, prioritizing entertainment over substance. This shift could divert attention from other genres and forms of storytelling that are equally important for cultural and artistic expression.

Ethical Considerations

Reality television often blurs the lines of privacy and public consumption. “The Bahati’s Empire” is no exception, as it exposes the intimate aspects of the family’s life to a global audience. This exposure brings forth ethical concerns regarding the impact on the family, particularly the children. The constant presence of cameras can affect their development and perception of privacy. Furthermore, the portrayal of personal conflicts and emotional moments raises questions about the exploitation of personal lives for commercial gain.

Production Quality

On the technical front, “The Bahati’s Empire” exhibits a commendable production quality that aligns with international standards. The cinematography, editing, and sound design contribute to a polished viewing experience. However, there is room for improvement in storytelling techniques. The narrative sometimes lacks depth and coherence, often jumping between scenes without providing sufficient context or continuity. Enhancing the narrative structure could significantly improve viewer engagement and satisfaction.


“The Bahati’s Empire” is a groundbreaking addition to the Kenyan entertainment landscape, bringing the country’s reality TV to an international audience via Netflix. While its premiere is a proud moment for Kenyan media, the show invites a critical examination of its authenticity, cultural representation, and ethical implications. Moving forward, it is essential for future productions to balance entertainment with genuine storytelling, ensuring that they represent the diverse realities of Kenyan life while maintaining high ethical standards. This balance will not only enrich the local industry but also provide global audiences with a deeper and more nuanced understanding of Kenyan culture and society.

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