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Forex Trader Sammyboy Ke vs. Kenyan Prince – Who’s Telling the Truth?

The clash between Sammyboy Ke and Kenyan Prince is more than just a personal feud; it highlights the challenges and dynamics within Kenya’s forex trading community. As tensions rise and accusations fly, this ongoing debate underscores the critical need for credibility, transparency, and responsible mentorship in this high-stakes industry, reflecting broader issues that affect traders nationwide.



In the world of Kenyan forex trading, two names have recently dominated the headlines: Samuel Ondieki or Sammyboy Ke and Raymond Omosa or Kenyan Prince. These two influential figures, each with a substantial following, are embroiled in a public feud that has captivated the nation. With accusations flying and tensions escalating, everyone is asking: Why are they fighting, who could be telling the truth, and are there any similarities between them?

Meet the Contenders

Sammyboy Ke is a renowned forex trader and entrepreneur known for his trading prowess and educational initiatives. He has built a reputation for success stories and mentorship, often guiding aspiring traders through technical analysis and market trends. His methodical approach has earned him respect and a dedicated following.

Kenyan Prince, in contrast, is a rising star characterized by his charismatic personality and bold claims. He has quickly gained a loyal audience with his high-risk, high-reward trading strategies showcased on social media. His flamboyant style appeals to a younger, thrill-seeking demographic.

The Genesis of the Feud

The conflict between Sammyboy Ke and Kenyan Prince began with a series of online exchanges. Kenyan Prince accused Sammyboy Ke of manipulating his followers and inflating his trading successes. In response, Sammyboy Ke criticized Kenyan Prince’s high-risk strategies, suggesting they were misleading and potentially harmful to inexperienced traders.

This online spat quickly escalated. Both parties took to social media, posting videos, screenshots, and testimonials to support their positions. Their followers have been divided, with some calling for transparency and others fiercely defending their chosen mentor.

Unraveling the Truth

Determining the truth in this high-stakes clash is challenging. Both traders present substantial evidence and have loyal bases that believe in their credibility. Key points to consider include:

  1. Transparency and Verification: Sammyboy Ke has been more forthcoming with verifiable trading records and testimonials from students who have benefited from his courses. This transparency strengthens his claims of legitimacy.
  2. Trading Strategies: Kenyan Prince’s high-risk trading style, while appealing to some, carries significant risks. Critics argue that promoting such strategies without adequate disclaimers can be dangerous for novice traders.
  3. Community Feedback: A significant portion of the trading community supports Sammyboy Ke for his more measured and educational approach, whereas Kenyan Prince’s critics point to the potential dangers of his high-risk methods.

Similarities Between the Two

Despite their differences, Sammyboy Ke and Kenyan Prince share several similarities. Both are passionate about forex trading and have built large followings by leveraging social media to share their knowledge. They have become influential figures in Kenya’s forex trading landscape and are dedicated to building their respective brands.

The Bigger Picture

The feud between Sammyboy Ke and Kenyan Prince highlights a broader issue within the forex trading community: the need for transparency, education, and responsible trading practices. As the industry grows, so does the responsibility of its leaders to guide their followers ethically and transparently.


The clash between Sammyboy Ke and Kenyan Prince is more than just a personal feud; it reflects the challenges and dynamics of the forex trading community in Kenya. While it’s difficult to ascertain who is entirely in the right, the ongoing debate underscores the importance of credibility, transparency, and responsible mentorship in this high-stakes industry. As the dust settles, one thing is clear: the forex trading community will be watching closely to see how this battle unfolds and what lessons can be learned from it