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Lamu East MP Ruweida Expelled from Jumuiya ya Pwani Gathering After Supporting Finance Bill 2024.



:Lamu East MP Ruweida’s expulsion from Jumuiya ya Pwani highlights Kenya’s intricate political landscape. Despite controversy over her support for the Finance Bill 2024, Ruweida defends tough decisions for long-term benefits, committed to unity and constructive dialogue amid regional economic challenges.

By Charles Wachira
Lamu East Member of Parliament Ruweida Obo has been expelled from the influential coastal political bloc, Jumuiya ya Pwani, following her controversial vote in favour of the Finance Bill 2024. This decision has sparked significant debate and discontent among her constituents and fellow coastal leaders.
The Controversial Vote
The Finance Bill 2024 has been a contentious piece of legislation in Kenya, proposing various
tax hikes and financial measures to boost the national economy. Despite widespread
opposition from many quarters, including significant resistance from coastal MPs and their
constituents, MP Ruweida voted in favour of the bill.
Expulsion from Jumuiya ya Pwani
Jumuiya ya Pwani, a coalition of leaders from Kenya’s coastal region, has opposed the Finance Bill, arguing that it disproportionately affects the coastal communities already grappling with economic challenges. Following the parliamentary vote, the coalition’s leadership convened an emergency meeting and unanimously decided to expel MP Ruweida from their ranks.
In a statement, the coalition’s chairperson, Hon. Ali Hassan Joho, said, “MP Ruweida’s vote in favour of the Finance Bill 2024 is a direct betrayal to the people of Lamu East and the wider coastal community. Our region cannot support policies that exacerbate the economic hardships of our people.”
Reactions and Implications
The expulsion of MP Ruweida from Jumuiya ya Pwani has elicited mixed reactions. Supporters of the Finance Bill argue that the legislation is necessary for the country’s economic recovery and development. They believe that MP Ruweida made a difficult but necessary decision for the nation’s greater good.
However, her opponents, particularly within Lamu East, view her vote as a betrayal. Many residents have expressed their disappointment, citing that the increased taxes and financial measures will burden their already strained economic conditions.
Political analysts suggest that this expulsion could significantly affect Ruweida’s political future. Being ousted from Jumuiya ya Pwani, a critical regional political alliance, could weaken her influence and support base ahead of the next elections.
Moving Forward
In response to her expulsion, MP Ruweida defended her decision, stating, “I voted for the Finance Bill 2024 because I believe in its long-term benefits for our nation. It was not an easy choice, but leadership sometimes requires making tough decisions for the greater good.”
Despite the controversy, MP Ruweida has pledged to continue serving her constituents and addressing their concerns. She has called for unity and constructive dialogue to navigate the region’s economic challenges.
The fallout from this vote and subsequent expulsion highlights the complex and often contentious nature of politics in Kenya, where regional alliances and national interests frequently intersect. As the debate over the Finance Bill 2024 continues, the political landscape in Lamu East and the broader coastal region remains highly dynamic and unpredictable.

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