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Q & A: Why the Equity Group Brand was Ranked Top




Benedict Baigrie - Senior Analyst Brand Finance.
Benedict Baigrie - Senior Analyst Brand Finance.

1. Was the  Equity Bank Group the first within East Africa to be recognized or has there been a previous mention in the past from the geographical area?

There have been previous iterations of Kenya’s 25 Most Valuable Brands and Africa’s Most Valuable Brands (50-150), where Equity Bank has been mentioned along with other Kenyan banks.

2. How much value did you place on the Equity Group Brand and what does the figure mean for the overall business of the Group?

The Brand value came at KES 65 billion Which is 39% of the value of the business (market Cap) as of the 1st of January KES 167,929.00 is the market cap.

3. Have you independently done any research to ascertain which is the priciest brand within East Africa and two, generally within the African continent, and what figure are the brands worth? And in the world which brand tops and how much is it worth?

Yes, we have.

Please see Kenya Report on

4. Specifically how many banks showed interest in participating in the competition in 2023 and from which regions were they disproportionately drawn from?

Brand Finance assesses all listed banking brands independently. It’s free from bias and no brand needs to enter. It’s more about merit
rather than a peer rating

5. And does your organisation use the same metrics irrespective of which geographical jurisdictions a corporate brand originates from or are companies from certain regions given preferential treatment say because their economies are adjudged as being poor or emerging?

We use the same metrics for all banking brands globally. Scale is reflected in Brand Value, but Brand Strength accounts for scale bias.

6. What does a ranking mean or do to a business?

It reflects the success and or failures of the brand in question. The values and rankings can be used for many different reasons by management
from strategic, to ROI measurement to communication spending and its effectiveness in education, etc.

7. Why should brand ranking matter?

See above

8. And can any sort of organization participate or should a company have attained certain metrics -eg capital capitalization, number of employees, and so on to engage in this ranking competition?

Any listed organisation.

9. Please indicate what a brand needs to do to join for example the Brand Finance Banking 500 ranking.

See above.

10. And disproportionately within the African continent where do most participants come from?  The East, West, North, and South African regions, and why do you think that is the case?

South Africa. Scale.

11. Which African brands beat the Equity Bank Group brand in 2023 and what cachet did they possess that denied the Equity Bank Group pole position?

See the report on

12. And why should the world believe that Brand Finance is authoritative in carrying out this business of branding businesses compared say to its peers?

We are the only firm with 2 ISO accreditations (ISO 10668 and 10671), we have the largest database of brand valuations in the world, and conduct a global market research programme for over 4,500 brands. We work with and our work is audited by all the big 4 accounting firms. We are members of the MASB, ICAEW, and CIMA organisations.

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